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The electronic shop by Orpheus-bio fixed the existing webpage with the one and only reason to serve our customers in the the best way.

For that reason we do need some information from our customers for the better completion of their order which of course will be kept save from any outside harm.

This statement of security for the personal data of our customers and the following user terms of our website proscribe the way that our e shop collects the data, for what reason and why.

This statement further wants to inform you that our terms only apply to your personal data to which you give us the right to use only during the order you give us on our e shop site.

When you use this specific web site shop you automatically agree to this statement of protection for your personal data as we have informed you.

The personal date information will be used by in order to give a better service to our customers, to make the contact to the store more efficient, to get answers to questions easier and quicker throughout the order.