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Customers’ personal data will be only used for their better service, to understand their wishes and needs better, to make orders as efficient as possible and to make transactions as smooth and easy as it gets. by Orpheus-bio works alone, independent and is no part of any other cooperation or business. by Orpheus-bio does not give personal data of it’s clients to any other cooperation or business.

Please only give us your personal date when and if you need to order products from our company, to sign in our company or if you contact through e mail or other ways. by Orpheus-bio is entitled to use Cookies in order to make transactions more efficient and easy.

These cookies will not do any harm to our customer’s computers or to their data.

Cookies will be on through your transaction with our company and will be off and deleted automatically when you leave our site.

We want to inform you that cookies are most necessary in order for to work proper. by Orpheus-bio allows its customers to delete, erase, change, enrich date and information when and if they choose to. by Orpheus-bio commits itself to keep information and all data of its customers save. by Orpheus-bio will always inform customers about changes in terms. by Orpheus-bio is pledged to change or correct for now used terms or photographs or other material for the use of the website store.