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About Us

Since I was a little girl, I loved being in nature and discovering the secrets of the forest and the fields.

From a family with a big call to medicine, they always feel awe and curiosity about treatment.

By treatment I mean health education which respects the Whole Body and Mind Reference to the Great teacher of Medicine Hippocrates and Dioscorides with the wider knowledge of herbs and their healing properties.

After many years of study and analysis, I felt ready to start making the first cream following the steps of a two-course recipe.

At first I thought it would take one to two years for the product to be made, including clinical trials.

Eventually it turned out that ten years had to pass from the moment the recipe was found to the final product being tested on people of all ages.

The product called Calendula Cream has proven to be an excellent ally against multiple skin conditions.

Finding out what this cream can achieve, I started to study new preparations and gradually I managed to prepare one hundred (100) different codes, highlighting the healing properties of this cream.

Always faithful to the top quality and authenticity of the materials from the preparation to the bottling, we guarantee the best results in the therapeutic as well as in the cosmetic field.

Here I want to add that ALL the materials used in the manufacture of our products are our own production.

So travel with us to the ethereal dream full of enjoyable interactive scents and spiritual emotions.